SHRM and the California Department of Rehabilitation Announce Partnership to Promote Disability Inclusion Education in the Workplace

October 25, 2022
For Immediate Release

SAN DIEGO—The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) announced a partnership today to adapt the SHRM Foundation’s Employing Abilities at Work Certificate program and resource guide to serve California workplaces and Californians with disabilities.

The agreement, which is part of DOR’s Demand Side Employment Initiative, was announced at the SHRM INCLUSION 2022 conference, which brings together HR professionals and business leaders to discuss ways to mitigate bias, improve workplace culture, and boost employee satisfaction and business results.

By working with SHRM, the California DOR seeks to encourage the recruitment, hiring and retention of individuals with disabilities. The department will utilize Employing Abilities at Work to embed disability inclusion into workplace curriculum at California’s community colleges and provide resources to employers and human resource professionals.

“As we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month, I am delighted to bring together SHRM and the California DOR at INCLUSION 2022 for this announcement,” said SHRM Chief of Staff and Head of Government Affairs Emily M. Dickens. “The Department of Rehabilitation is helping Californians understand that disability must be discussed as part of inclusion, and DOR is uniquely positioned to connect employers with untapped talent pools. SHRM is honored to be a part of these efforts.”

Employing Abilities at Work takes participants through the organizational life cycle of employing people with disabilities. The course establishes baseline knowledge of how accommodation resources can operate and, with each module, shows how HR departments can adapt their hiring practices to fit individual needs.

“Our partnership with SHRM is one of several innovative ways we are engaging with the California business community to employ more people with disabilities,” said DOR Director Joe Xavier. “By educating employers and HR professionals about disability, we hope to connect businesses that are working to find talent in a tough job market with talented individuals who are often overlooked but want to work.”

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About the California Department of Rehabilitation

The California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works in partnership with consumers and other stakeholders to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities. DOR administers the largest vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs in the country, providing services to over 116,000 persons with disabilities in fiscal year 2022. Learn more at

About the Demand Side Employment Initiative (DSEI)

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) created the Demand Side Employment Initiative (DSEI) as an employer incentive program to support businesses to expand or start hiring people with disabilities. Learn more at

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