Celebrating 100 VR Stories: Amy K.

Woman with long hair wearing brown rimmed glasses.
Amy K., Director of Programs, California Independent Living Center (ILC)

Tell us about you?

I am an employee of a California Independent Living Center (ILC) and a former client of the Department of Rehabilitation. I started out as an Independent Living (IL) Program Specialist, implementing a grant to conduct nursing home transition, and have worked my way up to my current administrative role.

How have VR Services impacted you?

VR services completely changed the trajectory of my life. I did not know how I was ever going to work as a person with a vision impairment. … I did not know what the possibilities were. Working with VR changed that for me, specifically in my experiences with my counselor and with a job developer from the San Diego Center for the Blind. If it were not for my work with these individuals, I would not be in the career I am in today

What does 100 years of VR mean to you?

100 years of Vocational Rehabilitation means a lot to me because without VR I would not be the person I am … I would not have a sense of disability pride and advocacy spirit that I was fortunate to develop through my work at the ILC … and knowing that so many other people have had the same life changing experiences over the past 100 years is truly amazing and uplifting.

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