Celebrating 100 VR Stories: Jennifer Dufresne

Jennifer Dufresne – WorkAbility II (WAII) Coordinator

Tell us about you?

I work for Vista Adult School, an adult education program in North San Diego County that provides Career Technical Education. Vista Adult School has a longstanding contract with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) for WorkAbility II (WAII). Under this contract, I provide career assessment and employment services.

How have VR Services impacted you?

I love being a service provider for VR. For the past 8 years, I have had the opportunity to provide one-to-one services for thousands of individuals throughout San Diego County. I truly believe that obtaining employment … has the greatest impact on happiness … especially employment in an area that is actually meaningful to the client. I am honored to be able to have a role in this process. Each and every client has had an impact on my life, and I would consider myself lucky to be able to continue in the field of rehabilitation for the rest of my career.

What does 100 years of VR mean to you?

I am so proud to be a part of the VR system where we can advocate every single day for the rights of individuals with disabilities. I look forward to seeing the continued advancements for Disability Rights Laws and VR services in the coming years.