DOR and CDE Develop Resources to Foster Local Collaboration

Two women analyzing documents while sitting on a table in office. Woman executives at work in office discussing some paperwork.

The California Department of Education (CDE) and Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) are reaching out to share resources to support the development of strong local collaborations between local educational agencies (LEAs) and DOR districts. We last wrote to you in September 2018 to encourage local discussions and local coordination of DOR Student Services and transition services. Since that time, the CDE/DOR Interagency Agreement was signed, including Appendix A, which reiterates topics in the Interagency Agreement to be explored locally. Several LEAs and DOR districts have also chosen to initiate a local Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and through this process, we have identified a need to clarify the types of questions that may facilitate meaningful discussions and optional MOU development.

We are pleased to share the attached DOR/CDE Interagency Agreement and Appendix A, as well as three newly developed resources: the Collaboration Worksheet, DOR School Contact List, and a DOR Student Services flyer. In particular, our Departments created the Collaboration Worksheet to complement Appendix A from the Interagency Agreement. It aims to support the development of strategies that will work best in your LEA/DOR district. Topics include but are not limited to referral to DOR Student Services, student access, and other key processes – understanding that different areas will have different resources and needs.

Our Departments recognize and honor the work that is already being done on the local level to ensure that students with disabilities have access to and benefit from coordinated transition services, including DOR Student Services. By working together, LEAs and DOR districts can maximize the impact of their respective resources and better support the students we mutually serve as they transition into successful, independent adults.

Making a Difference Together,

Kristin Wright, Director Special Education Division, California Department of Education

Joe Xavier, Director California Department of Rehabilitation